MindSpa by Synctuition

Synctuition is the world’s number one virtual MindSpa program, now offering relaxing spaces globally.

It began when our team was researching the impact of stress at work. The statistics of workers dealing with acute stress and burnout in the workplace were shocking. Even more shocking was the negative impact stress could have on people’s physical and mental health. Soon, we realized this was not an issue exclusive to workplaces. As human beings, we constantly deal with stress, anxiety, and emotional distress everywhere we go — offices, airports, schools, universities, and even our own homes.

We decided it was time to make a positive difference by taking our MindSpa program to busy environments. With our MindSpa booths, we envision a future in which everyone can take care of their emotional and mental wellbeing for healthier and more fulfilling lives. In our booths, everyone will find a window of tranquility whenever they need it most.